Tourism Routes

There are several routes that can be made on the island of Sao Miguel (Azores), depending the duration of yours stay in Sao Miguel, can be prepared routes that can most suit your needs, tastes and time available for the trip.
There are unmissable places in Sao Miguel and some routes preferred by the tourists who visit us, is based on these places of Sao Miguel and the comments and opinions of tourists who were defined precise routes that go to tje the wishes of tourism in Sao Miguel. However, the customer can plan your own itinerary if is yours wish.
Contact me and together we can analyze the best solutions if you prefer, you can just indicate the days that you have available to get around and see the island and surprised by the program carefully planned as your time available.
Those who visit Sao Miguel by this way will make your trip an unforgettable trip, return home with the assurance that enjoyed every second that you stay on the island.
For more informations contact me, Rui Medeiros, yours private tour guide on the island of Sao Miguel.

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Note: My name is Rui Medeiros and I am taxi driver and a private tour guide in Azores (Sao Miguel Island). I have created this website for Portuguese tourists, but latter, translated for tourists from other countries that are growing in Sao Miguel Island (Azores). I speak and understand English language but is not totally perfect. Because that, the texts of site may contain some errors.