For Sao Miguel residents:

- Taxi Services
– Transfers

For Tourism:

- Taxi Services
- Transfers - Airport / Hotel / Port (seaport) / Golf Courses etc ...
- Sightseeing in car
- Walks

All services are performed for a minimum of one person and up to four people (capacity of the car), the value of the service will not be charged per person, the value of the service performed is the same whether for one or four people.
In the case of having a larger group it is possible to reserve more than one car with one or two tour guides, the value is multiplied by each tour guide needed.
Good advice: two people that arrive to Azores in a cruise can talk with other two people that travel in the same boat and do it the travel together. Divide the trip money for more persons.
For more informations contact me, Rui Medeiros, yours private tour guide on the island of Sao Miguel.

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Note: My name is Rui Medeiros and I am taxi driver and a private tour guide in Azores (Sao Miguel Island). I have created this website for Portuguese tourists, but latter, translated for tourists from other countries that are growing in Sao Miguel Island (Azores). I speak and understand English language but is not totally perfect. Because that, the texts of site may contain some errors.