The Car

Other positive factors of tourist transport with Rui Medeiros is the fact that the car does not look like a taxi, you can travel comfortably on a modern Ford Mondeo car without anyone else repair that this is a taxi and interogate the driver of a possible taxi transport.
In this modern Ford Mondeo you will find all the comfort that you need to enjoy your trip. It has capacity to four people travelers.
For more informations contact me, Rui Medeiros, yours private tour guide on the island of Sao Miguel.

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Note: My name is Rui Medeiros and I am taxi driver and a private tour guide in Azores (Sao Miguel Island). I have created this website for Portuguese tourists, but latter, translated for tourists from other countries that are growing in Sao Miguel Island (Azores). I speak and understand English language but is not totally perfect. Because that, the texts of site may contain some errors.